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Parking Management Solutions

by Nov 11, 2020Brochure

Providing fully-integrated business processing and enforcement IT solutions to public authorities across the UK

With a vast amount of experience in the parking sector, Taranto has been supporting the enforcement market for over 20 years and is an authorised DVLA Bureau. With award-winning services, we have become a market leader in the provision of parking processing systems, congestion charging, road tolling, and low emission zone enforcement systems and services.

Taranto is a member of the British Parking Association (BPA) and the International Parking Community (IPC); these memberships enable us to stay up to date with all parking news and sector market trends. While it can be delivered separately to the parking back-office system, Taranto Environmental Enforcement is part of the main Taranto back office product, and compatible with all of the existing parking suite.


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