A New Visual Identity for a New Start with Modaxo


The vision is exemplified in a powerful mission statement and new brand identity 

Taranto Logo

A year after joining Modaxo, Taranto Systems is today a stronger and more ambitious organisation. Having settled into Modaxo, the Taranto team have been able to reimagine what the business looks like today, and where it is going tomorrow.  

That vision is exemplified in a powerful mission statement and new brand identity that visually underlines what the company stands for. 

Taranto Aspirations  

Supporting More UK Authorities

Taranto is already the leading supplier of parking and enforcement in the UK, supporting some 50 local authorities and delivering over 8 million tickets each year. With parking and enforcement requirements only set to increase, authorities will need to utilise tools like Taranto’s – and the organisation is better positioned to help. 

Taranto has been designed with a close appreciation of the requirements of both local authorities and members of the public; to help deliver excellent customer service as well as significant efficiencies.  The system contains many added-value features, enabling users to introduce various efficiencies throughout their operation.

Additionally, with the new Moving Traffic legislation expected to come into play later this year, Taranto can support many more local authorities.

Lewis Wray, Taranto Business Director said: “We have huge experience of managing moving traffic enforcement in London. With the legislation changes can share our expertise and support authorities all over the country.”

Driving the Clean Air Agenda

Taranto has been central to the UK’s clean air agenda, having supported the implementation of the nation’s first Clean Air Zone (London’s LEZ), as well as London’s original congestion zone, and the current ULEZ and its 2021 expansion.

With clean air an ongoing area of concern in towns and cities across the UK, Taranto is able to support other urban regions with the planning, implementation and management of such schemes.

Private Parking

There is an increasing requirement for parking and enforcement on private land – and Taranto’s solutions are well suited to this sector. Taranto aims to bring the same level of client focus and customised solutions to this sector as have been so successful for the nation’s Local Authorities.


The innovative and award-winning Taranto Fleet Bureau solution automates large parts of the PCN handling process to hire and lease companies.  This is a truly unique solution that adds efficiency to the parking and fleet industries, as well as providing a better service to the public which Taranto will continue to deliver.

Enabling the Change

Joining the Modaxo Group in 2020 was a huge step for Taranto and has presented many new opportunities.

Taranto Managing Director Lewis Wray said: “The universal way that the Modaxo group manages its businesses has offered fresh insight into our processes, as well as providing us with a toolkit for operational efficiency.

“Since joining Modaxo we have had new opportunities to share ideas with like-minded IT professionals across the globe. With their help we have been able to develop stronger foundations on which to deliver our strategy.

“Additionally, we now have access to greater capital which can be deployed for initiatives – which is already supporting the business in the form of new research and development.”

The New Taranto Way

Being part of Modaxo is presenting the Taranto team with new ways to deliver solutions that benefit its customers and the market in general.

To celebrate its exciting new future, Taranto has launched a new brand identity – one which embodies the team’s aspirations and positions the business as a modern, client-centred, inventive and environmentally aware organisation with a positive vision for the future of parking enforcement.

You can find out more about Taranto and its vision at https://tarantosystems.com/about-us/