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Struggling with Fleets?

Do you struggle with archaic processes in relation to management of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for fleet vehicles? Lengthy manual processes in this area often waste time and money for authorities – and at the same time, can increase frustration and inconvenience for the motorist.

This issue requires a huge amount of manual administration in order to identify vehicle keeper details for a Transfer of Liability (ToL), leading to operational inefficiencies and additional costs relating to scanning, printing, DVLA lookup and postage.

There is a Solution

With as many as 15% of PCNs issued by our clients requiring TOL at some authorities, this is a major issue.

But the good news is that there is a solution which helps to both banish backlogs and speed up the entire process for councils, car hire companies, and motorists.


Increasing Efficiency

The Fleet Bureau Solution

Taranto’s Fleet Bureau system automates large parts of the fleet vehicle PCN handling process in order to deliver material operational savings.

The system instantly checks registrations for PCNs against those provided by partner fleet companies – and where present, the process can be dealt with immediately, removing the requirement for a DVLA look up, and helping to progress a ToL within hours, not weeks.

By not having to go through the old fashioned and labour intensive process of dealing with Transfers of Liability, both local authorities and hire and lease companies will see immediate savings of cost and time.

The system also facilitates the more efficient payment of the PCNs in bulk, as transactions are grouped by ‘issuing authority’ via the fleet company interface, through an interface with councils’ payment systems, minimising the amount of manual work required for each individual case.

Saves time and money

Fleet Bureau automates PCN processing for fleet vehicles

Benefits for Stakeholders

Local Authorities

Car Companies

Taranto Fleet

Customer Focus

We have a proven track record of collaborating with our customers, both on future product roadmaps and project delivery to meet client expectations. No delivery of Taranto is the same: we work with our clients in partnership to achieve their requirements within their timeframes.

We Solve Real Problems

Fleet Solutions

Below are the solutions specific to Fleet but by all means, explore to see fully how we can help you.


Taranto Back Office

The system offers automated, end-to-end notice processing that underpins every aspect of parking management, all driven by Taranto Workflow - our virtual work tool that removes manual tasks to help you focus on your operations.
Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto can automate the lengthy Transfer of Liability process and enable quicker payment for PCNs that aren't transferred by using our central database populated with market-leading Lease and Fleet Company VRMs - delivering savings in time and money.
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Taranto Reports

Taranto Reports

Taranto offers an array of reporting tools designed to have more flexibility. For example, our ‘Query Builder’ module enables customers to create their own reports to reflect specific operational and analytical requirements and easily respond to Freedom of Information requests. Dashboards highlight any issues to help solve them fast.

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