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Taranto Parking and Enforcement


Taranto solutions empower local authorities and private sector organisations to manage all aspects of parking and enforcement through a fully automated, end-to-end notice processing solution.

The Taranto team has a vast wealth of industry experience acquired over more than 20 years of working with UK clients. Through this period we have developed and extended our solutions, ensuring we deliver maximum benefit to local authorities wishing to fully manage every aspect of their traffic and parking enforcement operations.

Proven Expertise

Meanwhile, we have also become experts in the delivery of world-renowned large scale, complex enforcement projects. Our ability to tailor solutions to meet customers’ specific needs has been rewarded with prestigious contracts in major operations including several London boroughs, Edinburgh, and Manchester – through to the country’s largest operations, such as TfL’s enforcement schemes throughout London:

Industry Leaders

Experts in Automation

Our solutions leverage automation to simplify working processes, empowering staff to work efficiently and effectively.

Proven Innovators

Taranto has continually pioneered new solutions that transform the industry by delivering measurable value for our customers.

Scale and Complexity

We are trusted to deliver solutions for huge, challenging projects such as London’s congestion and low emission zones, the Dartford Crossing, and the Mersey Gateway.


We understand that not every client is the same, and we have built Taranto to be flexible, working with our clients' favoured third-parties seamlessly.

Customer Focused

We aim to build long-term relationships.  Many of the clients that we still work with are ones that we began with 20 years ago.


Our business is structured so that individual departments hold the responsibility for the best possible customer experience, from delivery up until go-live (Projects), assistance post-go-live (Support) and then continued innovation throughout the life of the contract (Development).


Benefits for Stakeholders

Parking & Enforcement Staff

Ensure your team can manage all aspects of PCN issuance and enforcement as quickly and easily as possible

Transportation Managers

Maximise the efficiency of parking and enforcement while ensuring a painless user experience for motorists


Online portals simplify processes and increase transparency, minimising frustration and wasted time

Taranto Parking & Enforcement

In Numbers

0 +

Taranto is the trusted partner of more than 60 UK authorities

14.5 Million

Our solutions process more than 14.5 million PCNs per year

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We have led the industry for more than 20 years


Taranto is used by over 8,000 different users across our client base


Taranto is trusted to handle over £200 million of debt per year


Taranto is used to generate over 500,000 letters per month


Since 2017, we have migrated over 12 million records from competitor systems into Taranto

Taranto Parking & Enforcement

Customer Focus

We have a proven track record of collaborating with our customers, both on future product roadmaps and project delivery to meet client expectations. No delivery of Taranto is the same: we work with our clients in partnership to achieve their requirements within their timeframes.

We Solve Real Problems

Parking & Enforcement Solutions

Below are the solutions specific to Parking and Enforcement but by all means, explore to see fully how we can help you.


Taranto Back Office

The system offers automated, end-to-end notice processing that underpins every aspect of parking management, all driven by Taranto Workflow - our virtual work tool that removes manual tasks to help you focus on your operations.

Taranto Self-Service

Self-serve portals are designed according to your organisation's guidelines with a consistent brand identity to provide a seamless user journey. Our customer-facing solutions offer 24/7 access, enabling the public to manage their own data while relieving the administrative burden on council staff.
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Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto can automate the lengthy Transfer of Liability process and enable quicker payment for PCNs that aren't transferred by using our central database populated with market-leading Lease and Fleet Company VRMs - delivering savings in time and money.
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Taranto Mobile

Taranto Mobile is compatible with any Android device and has been designed to maximise enforcement efficiencies with accurately recorded information while reducing the time civil enforcement officers (CEOs) spend performing individual actions.

Taranto Environmental Enforcement

Handhelds running the Taranto Mobile application allow the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs), in addition to collating any incident specific information (including photographs).
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Taranto Suspensions Online

Taranto’s solution helps local authorities around the UK allocate, maintain and deal with suspension orders and all the associated work, facilitating self-serve use for small orders, and offering unparalleled flexibility for large orders.
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Taranto Debt Management

Taranto Debt Management

Debt Management Console (DMC) indicates the probable outcomes for debt recovery based on a vehicle’s history. If recovering the debt looks unlikely the debt is cancelled, producing a speedy, clear and measurable return on investment by minimising wasted debt management cases and fees.
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Taranto Track

Taranto Track

Track helps our clients manage their operations efficiently by monitoring, analysing, and tracking on-street activity. This is presented on Google Maps, allowing detailed historical and real-time analysis.
Taranto Reports

Taranto Reports

Taranto offers an array of reporting tools designed to have more flexibility. For example, our ‘Query Builder’ module enables customers to create their own reports to reflect specific operational and analytical requirements and easily respond to Freedom of Information requests. Dashboards highlight any issues to help solve them fast.

Taranto Street Issue Reporting

Empower citizens and CEOs to report on anything from broken street lights, abandoned vehicles, faulty P&D machines to overflowing bins. Configurable to particular council’s requirements, citizens can use the online branded portal and CEOs Taranto Mobile to report street issues that need to be addressed.
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Taranto Blue Badge

Our Blue Badge module has been designed in close collaboration with our local authority experts with all the information captured based on the DfT application process. The module is user-friendly, and like the DfT page, it allows you to upload supporting evidence and view the status of the application.
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Taranto Permits

Taranto Permits covers the complete permit lifecycle, with improved usability and functionality combined with flexible configuration, encouraging customer self-service and reducing the back-office workload. Now enhanced with the .GOV interface, Taranto Permits is more accessible and easier to use.
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