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We Are Taranto

Taranto supplies enforcement solutions to many UK Local Authorities and Private Sector clients. Taranto’s notice processing system combines our team’s parking sector expertise, gained over 20 years of market experience, with a modern, future-proof, fully web-enabled application.

Our solutions are used to enforce and manage parking and traffic violations, parking permits, civil enforcement, clamping and removal, and more.

Investment & Deployment

Taranto solutions benefit from significant, consistent investment, and are deployed across a range of customers. We support some of the most strategically significant enforcement schemes in the UK, including Transport for London’s Road User Charging schemes and Clean Air Zones, the Mersey Gateway, and Dartford FreeFlow Crossing road tolls; as well as more than 50 UK authorities.

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Our Mission

Shaping and Influencing

Taranto shapes the experience of how people move in towns and cities; influencing driver behaviour to create safe, green and thriving communities


We Are Modaxo

Taranto is part of Modaxo – a new, dedicated global organisation bringing together businesses from across Volaris Group that collectively focus on advancing new technologies and innovations for People Transportation.

With more than two dozen companies (Taranto being one of them), representing 12 brands, Modaxo comprises 2,000 people, operating from 35 offices in 21 countries around the world.

Global Strength

“Modaxo’s expertise, global bench strength, and singular focus on People Transportation make it a great home for technology companies that share our vision to efficiently move the world’s people”

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