Clean Air Zones

Ensuring Better Air Quality for the Community


Addressing High Emissions

Taranto solutions empower local authorities to implement, manage and enforce Clean Air Zones (CAZ) across their regions, ensuring better air quality for the community.

And with many local authorities now having to implement CAZs in an urgent attempt to address worryingly high – and rising – emissions in towns and cities across the country, this requirement has never been more vital.

Why Taranto

Taranto has supported a range of such projects in London, including the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) and Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). And, having also supported London’s original Congestion Zone, our team has the skills and experience required to adapt to meet the requirements of even the largest and most complex implementations.

We understand that implementing a CAZ can seem like a daunting task, which is why Taranto solutions offer a simple and accessible way to deliver an effective clean air strategy including:


Benefits for Stakeholders

Local Authorities

The Public

Making streets safer

Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

The Government has made funding available to support the introduction of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs), designed to make streets safe and encourage people to switch shorter car trips to walking and cycling.  

Enforcement of LTNs can be managed via existing technology solutions – indeed, the same Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems used to manage Clean Air Zones (CAZ) can be applied in this area. 

Successfully implemented, an LTN will keep the area open for residents, businesses and visitors, while discouraging other traffic using the roads as a shortcut.  

Taranto Clean Air Zones

Customer Focus

We have a proven track record of collaborating with our customers, both on future product roadmaps and project delivery to meet client expectations. No delivery of Taranto is the same: we work with our clients in partnership to achieve their requirements within their timeframes.

On average, London’s ULEZ scheme generates almost 1,000 PCNs a day which are processed through Taranto
London Councils

We Solve Real Problems

CAZ Solutions

Below are the solutions specific to Clean Air Zones but by all means, explore to see fully how we can help you.


Taranto Back Office

The system offers automated, end-to-end notice processing that underpins every aspect of parking management, all driven by Taranto Workflow - our virtual work tool that removes manual tasks to help you focus on your operations.

Taranto Permits

Taranto Permits covers the complete permit lifecycle, with improved usability and functionality combined with flexible configuration, encouraging customer self-service and reducing the back-office workload. Now enhanced with the .GOV interface, Taranto Permits is more accessible and easier to use.
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Taranto Self-Service

Self-serve portals are designed according to your organisation's guidelines with a consistent brand identity to provide a seamless user journey. Our customer-facing solutions offer 24/7 access, enabling the public to manage their own data while relieving the administrative burden on council staff.
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Taranto Debt Management

Taranto Debt Management

Debt Management Console (DMC) indicates the probable outcomes for debt recovery based on a vehicle’s history. If recovering the debt looks unlikely the debt is cancelled, producing a speedy, clear and measurable return on investment by minimising wasted debt management cases and fees.
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Taranto Reports

Taranto Reports

Taranto offers an array of reporting tools designed to have more flexibility. For example, our ‘Query Builder’ module enables customers to create their own reports to reflect specific operational and analytical requirements and easily respond to Freedom of Information requests. Dashboards highlight any issues to help solve them fast.

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