Vehicle Hirer Liability: 3 Questions to ask Technology Suppliers


Vehicle Hirer Liability: 3 Questions to ask Technology Suppliers


Many Local Authorities struggle with the management of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for fleet vehicles: Lengthy manual processes waste time and money for authorities, causing frustration and inconvenience for motorists.

Technology can streamline and automate this process, delivering significant time and financial savings.

However, this is not as simple as some suppliers might have you believe. So, if you’re considering investing in this area, here are three important questions to ask potential suppliers.

Q1: Which hire and lease companies are you integrated with?

Automation of hirer liability processes is hugely powerful – provided the technology partner has built a large database of vehicle keeper details from multiple hire and lease companies. It is therefore vital to ask them which they already work with.

A fleet partner that works with most of the major fleet companies will have access to a vast database of vehicles, which means a greater likelihood of identifying and proactively addressing PCNs for hired vehicles. This is vital, because it is where the time and cost savings are sourced.

Taranto’s award-winning Fleet Bureau solution is able to access the databases of many major hire and lease companies, including Enterprise, Volkswagen, Hertz and ALD Automotive.

Q2: Does your system seamlessly integrate with parking and enforcement?

A truly end-to-end system that manages the PCN issuance process as well as the database of fleet vehicles is essential because it helps to further avoid delays in the Transfer of Liability process, thereby improving cashflow, and ensuring that PCNs reach the public in good time.

So, ask suppliers if they also supply a parking and enforcement solution – or, if not, which of the major systems they integrate with.

As a market-leading supplier of systems managing integrated parking and enforcement as well as vehicle fleets, at Taranto know that our solutions result in hire companies issuing 70% of tickets within 2-4 days of a contravention. This simply would not be possible without an end-to-end solution and deep knowledge of all aspects of PCNs and associated legislation.

Q3: Is your system proven in the field?

PCN issuance is an area where risks simply cannot be taken. Lost tickets mean loss of revenue and reputational damage for the council.

Therefore, ask suppliers where the system is in live operation – and how it is performing for both authorities and hire and lease companies.

Taranto Systems spent more than three years creating and refining its Fleet Bureau solution, which was internally funded and developed in collaboration with industry experts from the private sector, fleet sector organisations, the British Vehicle and Rental Licencing Association (BVRLA), and several UK local authorities.

Our solution is proven in the field, delivering measurable benefits for local authorities and hire and lease companies.


There are significant benefits to be derived from the improved management of PCNs for fleet and lease vehicles – but this requires a technology partner that can access a vast database of vehicles; can manage both the fleet side and parking/enforcement; and, ultimately, a solution that is proven in the field.

Taranto’s Fleet Bureau technology is not only an innovative award-winning solution recognised by the British Parking Awards; it is also established, and already used throughout the UK.

From working with Taranto customers, we know that for some authorities as many as 15% of PCNs are associated with hire and lease vehicles. This creates a vast amount of manual administration in relation to Transfer of Liability (ToL) processes, resulting in operational inefficiencies and additional costs relating to scanning, printing, DVLA lookups, and postage.

Technology can solve these problems, saving time and money for authorities and hire and lease companies, and improving the experience for motorists. Just make sure you ask the right questions to find the partner that works for you.

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