National Blue Badge Day of Action

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May 24th is National Blue Badge Day of Action

Today, Friday May 24th , is National Blue Badge Day of Action, and to support this initiative, we look at how Taranto can help councils battle Blue Badge fraud and misuse. Taranto not only helps to combat fraud, but also enables councils to streamline Blue Badge administration.

Both on the street and in the back-office, Taranto has a solution to help tackle the wrongful use of Blue Badges, which are essential for disabled motorists to park in more accessible parking spaces. In addition to depriving motorists who need more accessible parking spaces, fraudulent use of Blue Badges is estimated to cost the UK £46 million a year.

Today’s focus will help to make sure that Blue Badges are not misused and Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) on the streets will be extra vigilant in checking whether Blue Badges displayed in vehicles are valid.

Checking on the street

CEOs can easily check the validity of Blue Badges using Taranto Blue Badge Checker, a solution integrated with the PCN enforcement application already installed on their handheld devices. Taranto Blue Badge Checker automatically links with the Department for Transport (DfT) central database so that a CEO will instantly know whether a badge is valid. The CEO can immediately issue a PCN for Blue Badge misuse, from the handheld, if required. This solution is a vital tool in the battle against wrongful use of Blue Badges.

Blue Badge processing

Whether Blue Badges are managed by the Parking team or another Local Authority department, Taranto Blue Badge module simplifies the process of handling Blue Badge applications or renewals. 

Taranto’s Blue Badge Module interfaces seamlessly with the DfT Blue Badge portal, allowing eligible residents to apply for or renew their badge on-line and council administrators to review and process the application in Taranto.  The Taranto solution is easy to use and incorporates fraud checks to ensure that only eligible applicants will receive a badge.

An award-winning solution

Taranto has worked with many councils to implement effective Blue Badge solutions which not only administer the application process, but also help to prevent fraud. The London Borough of Haringey is one Taranto client that has been at the forefront of the fight against Blue Badge fraud and last year won a British Parking Award for its virtual Blue Badge project that has helped to reduce Blue Badge theft and fraud by 65%.

For more information on Taranto Blue Badge or to book a demonstration, please contact us.

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