TEC fee increase – delivering customer value

yellow parking ticket. Text: Penalty Charge Notice Enclosed

Taranto provided essential advice to clients on the recent TEC fee increase

Taranto always aims to improve the value of our solutions and services for our clients. And just one example of how we have delivered customer value relates to the recent increase in processing fees charged by the Traffic Enforcement Centre (TEC). This fee is generally universally applied in parking enforcement solutions.

 The TEC service enables local authorities to enforce unpaid penalty charges such as parking fines, bus lane contraventions, vehicle emissions penalties, congestion charge and moving traffic contraventions fines (all of which are initially enforced using Taranto) as if they were a County Court Order. Taranto provides an interface to the TEC for enforcement of unpaid penalty charges, originally delivered through Taranto.

At the end of April this year, TEC notified users that their fees would be increased from £9 to £10 per transaction. The fee increase meant changes to several parts of the system since this fee is automatically applied to the PCN as part of the system’s auto-progression.  Taranto responded to the changes within hours of being notified and developed a comprehensive plan of action. This plan was quickly communicated to clients to ensure that they understood the implications of the new pricing and to guide them through the changes.

 Taranto provided advice and experience-led recommendations to help clients through these changes.  Crucially, the updated fees were in place within the required timelines, which is necessary to comply with legislation. 

Taranto provided this essential service to our clients entirely free of charge, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to supporting our client-base through dealing with changes in legislation, which they may not have anticipated.