Taranto Systems, States of Jersey and Scheidt & Bachmann

Case Study

Taranto Systems, States of Jersey and Scheidt & Bachmann

A holistic approach to collaboration



States of Jersey is the local governing body for Jersey, the largest of the Channel Islands. The authority manages all parking regulations and car park upkeep on the island.  

Taranto Systems provides the technology behind States of Jersey’s back office and enforcement systems, enabling the authority to manage the issue and processing of ECNs (Excess Charge Notices). 

Scheidt & Bachmann is an international parking solutions supplier that offers a wide range of payment options and hardware installation.  


States of Jersey’s Assistant Manager for Parking Control, Terry Renouf identified a requirement to modernise States of Jersey’s car park schemes, introducing Contactless payments to make the site Covid-19-secure, while improving the customer experience with new pay and display machines.  

Commenting on the decision, Terry said: “It was time to update the existing pay terminals, and our priorities were focused on putting customer experience first and making their lives easier within the midst of the pandemic. 

Having worked with Taranto for almost 20 years, enjoying the benefits of its PCN enforcement and back office technology, Terry and his team asked the Taranto team to help them identify potential new suppliers of hardware to underpin the new infrastructure. 

“We are very happy using Taranto’s back office systems, but our pay and display machines were older technology and required updating. We felt changing the hardware would enable us to get the most out of all of our systems.” 


Recognising the importance of any new technology working seamlessly alongside Jersey’s existing software, the Taranto team undertook the assessment of potential suppliers and led discussions regarding the benefits of each solution. 

Through this process it became clear that Scheidt & Bachmann was able to meet Jersey’s requirements, and work seamlessly with the Taranto team and technology. 

Stephen Forster, Senior Sales Consultant at Taranto said: “At Taranto we take a very holistic approach when it comes to meeting our customers’ needs. We are always open to working with third parties where it presents additional value for our customers. 

“When States of Jersey asked for help finding a third party supplier, I knew it was vital to find a company who could completely meet the customer’s needs and provide the best level of service.” 

While delivery of the project during a pandemic presented some challenges, it is to the huge credit of all involved that all milestones were met and the project completed on time. 

Terry commented: “When it came to arranging the logistics of installation, everything had to be done online or over the phone due to the Covid-19 restrictions. It was more challenging than it would have been before Covid-19, but everyone worked extra hard to get over these obstacles and get the system up and running. 

Richard Brazier, Head of Business Development for the UK at Scheidt & Bachmann said: “This was a fantastic experience to be working with Taranto and States of Jersey. Covid-19 did make installation slightly more challenging, as our staff had to be tested three times over 10 days, as well as isolating before and after the site visit. However, we made sure all the testing of the equipment was done before hand to allow for a quick and easy installation.”  


Despite the challenges of working through the pandemic, the project was delivered on time and to a high standard.  

Terry said: “I am so pleased how this project has turned out, and the working relationship formed between both our suppliers has been great. The new hardware is significantly quicker and we have been able to reduce the number of payment machines from six to four, reducing maintenance costs.” 

“We have received great feedback on the new machines, which offer a better experience for customers who come to pay for their parking: contactless payments are now accepted including mobile phone payments, queues are reduced, and the new terminals now show an image of the customer vehicles when they come to pay as an added level of confidence. 

“It was pleasure to work with both Taranto Systems and Scheidt & Bachmann. We had every confidence that the team at Taranto would find us a great supplier, and this project has now opened doors for us to expand this this technology into our other car parks and take this working relationship even further.”