Support that Never Changes, Even if Traffic Legislation Does

Case Study

Support that Never Changes, Even if Traffic Legislation Does

Innovative support helped Manchester City Council ensure they were on the right track

Manchester City Council

When the new Civil Enforcement of Parking, Bus Lane, and Moving Traffic Contraventions legislation came into effect at the end of May, it replaced several existing regulations, requiring that future case correspondence reference the new legislation. Authority staff therefore had to ensure all documentation was updated – whether they are aiming to take advantage of the new powers or not.

For Manchester City Council, documentation required updating for both bus lanes and parking: templates had to be edited and new letters created. In the case of the bus lanes, such changes had not previously been made, so this was a new challenge.

Taranto’s support team invited all customers to attend a webinar to ensure they understood the requirements and how the Taranto system could be used to make the changes.

Nicola Brown, Operations Manager, Parking Services at Manchester City Council attended the session: “We are a large authority with a good team that has been here for a while, so we’re used to making changes ourselves. But even so the webinar was very useful, and it confirmed that we were on the right track.

It was also good to take part because there were many other authorities on the call: others can ask questions you haven’t thought of.”

Intro slide from the webinar mentioned in the case study

Armed with this knowledge, Nicola and the team were able to process the required changes: “We could make the changes within the Taranto system. Updating letter templates was straightforward and we had regular one-to-one meetings with our contract manager to make sure the process was seamless”.

When the team needed some support, Taranto’s service desk was on hand: “The team helped with the areas aspects that required extra support – for example batches generated for print had to be split into those pre and post 31 May, so that when they went to the printers, they knew which to use.”

As a result of this collaborative effort, Nicola reports that the project was undertaken without any issues: “All the work was completed on schedule, and we were able to avoid any additional development charges.”