Taranto and Fleetworks collaborate on parking fine management solution

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Taranto and Fleetworks have collaborated to provide an easy transfer of liability solution for parking fines.

Taranto and Fleetworks, a leading fleet vehicle fine management system, have collaborated to provide fleet and rental companies with a solution to enable rapid, easy transfer of liability (ToL) for parking fines. The joint agreement will help to speed up the processing of parking fines incurred by drivers of fleet vehicles, saving time and effort for fleet administrators.

Taranto’s traffic enforcement management solution is used by local authorities and private parking companies to issue over 12 million penalty charge notices (PCNs) per year, meaning Fleetworks’ clients can automate data exchange with some of the UK’s major issuers.   Using Taranto’s Fleet Bureau system automates direction of PCNs to the driver who has incurred the parking fine, reducing the amount of PCN processing time.

The collaboration also enables Taranto to enhance its Vehicle Registration Mark (VRM) database which now holds over 1 million registration numbers by adding Fleetworks clients’ numbers to the database. The VRM database helps parking fine issuers to identify vehicle users and issue tickets direct to the driver responsible for the fine, without having to consult the DVLA database. This facility helps local authority parking departments and private car parks save costs, reduce administrative burden and facilitates faster payment of fines.

“This joint arrangement between Taranto and Fleetworks is mutually beneficial,” commented Chris Murphy, Taranto’s Sales Director. “We have not only enhanced our already comprehensive VRM database which helps our issuing clients to speed up issuing penalty charge notices direct to the vehicle user, but also, fleet companies can transfer liabilities for parking fines much faster, with access to notifications from our extensive client base.”

Marc Lee, Managing Director of Fleetworks added: “We are delighted to partner with Taranto, as they have always been at the forefront of parking technology. This collaboration with Taranto will help to process transfer of liability for parking fines much more easily, reduce paperwork for our fleet management clients and ultimately save them money. Taranto’s clients are some of the largest issuers which will be really beneficial for our fleet clients.”

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