Taranto helps Edinburgh prevent pavement parking

Pavement parking has become an issue for many councils

Taranto has worked with Edinburgh City Council and NSL on the implementation of new legislation to stop vehicle pavement parking across the city. Edinburgh recently introduced several new categories of parking offence in order to improve safety for pedestrians and road users and to reduce anti-social parking. These new categories include:

  • Parking on pavements
  • Parking by a dropped kerb at a crossing point
  • Parking where the vehicle is further than 50 cm from the edge of the carriageway

The new legislation went live in December 2023, and Taranto had just a few weeks to adapt the parking enforcement system in time for the start of the enforcement of the new rules on January 29th 2024.

The Taranto system had to be adapted to add the codes for the new parking offences and to create a template to enable the Edinburgh Council’s parking team to send out warning letters to motorists liable to enforcement of the new regulations. For enforcement on the streets, the handheld devices also needed some additional amendment to enable Edinburgh’s Parking Attendants to issue Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) for the new offences.

The flexibility of the Taranto system allows changes to be made quickly and easily, enabling local authorities to introduce new rules or zones to improve road conditions for citizens.  

Chris Murphy, Sales Director of Taranto commented: “We have worked in partnership with NSL and Edinburgh City Council to deliver a fast, efficient change to roll out the new rules that will ultimately improve Edinburgh’s road environment.”

Contact our sales team to find out how Taranto’s industry-leading parking enforcement solution can help councils tackle anti-social parking. 

Edinburgh Street - cars parked, people crossing