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Taranto Blue Badge


Taranto has designed and developed an end-to-end Blue Badge application and management module within Taranto. The fully integrated system drives efficiencies across both the application process and back office management of Blue Badges. It is linked to the Department of Transport (DfT) and has an automatic inbuilt ‘fraud checker’ to help local authorities reduce Blue Badge misuse.

The government estimates Blue Badge fraud is costing the UK an estimated £46m a year – Taranto’s innovative fraud check will help reduce misuse.


Our Blue Badge customer application website has been designed in close collaboration with our local authority experts. The simplistic style is based on government websites to ensure the application is user-friendly as well as meeting all the DfT eligibility criteria. Following registration, applicants can apply for a Blue Badge, upload supporting evidence and view the status of their application. The website provides a positive user experience and reduces avoidable contact for local authorities.

Application and Management Module

Our intelligent Blue Badge back office module integrates seamlessly with the Taranto Blue Badge customer application website as well as the DfT. Back office users can email the applicant directly to request further information and the inbuilt fraud check flags misuse. A user can review and process new applications and manage all aspects of their existing Blue Badges in this
application and management module.

Check on Taranto Mobile

The government estimates Blue Badge fraud is costing the UK £46m a year. The innovative fraud check on the Taranto Mobile app allows civil enforcement officers (CEOs) to check the right person is using the Blue Badge. The new feature integrates with Taranto back office and the DfT.

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