Taranto Blue Badge

Helping reduce blue badge misuse

Streamline Blue Badge applications and Combat fraud


Taranto Blue Badge module enables CEOs to check for fraud AND allows back-office administrators to easily process applications.

Whether you need to check badge validity in use on the streets, or streamline application  administration and fraud checking, Taranto Blue Badge module can help.

Preventing fraudulent use of Blue Badges is a significant challenge, with Government estimating that Blue Badge fraud costs the UK around £46 million annually. Taranto’s Blue Badge solutions are designed to address these issues to improve efficiency and reduce misuse. 

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On-street validation

For real-time enforcement, the mobile Blue Badge module empowers CEOs on the street to use their handheld devices to instantly verify the validity of Blue Badges displayed in vehicles. Invalid, out of date or fake badges can be identified using the handheld’s camera which links with the DfT central database, providing fast and accurate checks to curb misuse. 

Benefits of Taranto Blue Badge Checker

  • Easy to install on CEO’s handhelds as part of the Taranto Mobile solution
  • Supporting photo evidence easily obtained
  • PCN can immediately be issued for Blue Badge wrongful use
  • Links seamlessly with Taranto Back-Office

Efficient Application Processing

 In the back-office, Taranto’s Blue Badge module offers a user-friendly front-end interface for applications and renewals, enabling councils to streamline the entire process. This module seamlessly integrates with the Department for Transport (DfT) portal, allowing eligible residents to apply for or renew their Blue Badge online. Back-office administrators can then review and manage these applications within Taranto. The Blue Badge module enables councils to maintain a database of locally-issued badges, and integrates with Taranto Back-Office for simplified administration.

The module incorporates robust fraud prevention measures at both the application and renewal stages, allowing administrators, for example, to check whether duplicate applications have been made or a previous application has been rejected or if a Blue Badge has already been issued by another authority.

Benefits of Taranto Blue Badge Back-Office Module

  • Provides Local Authority-branded front-end interface to DfT portal
  • Can be used by any Local Authority department responsible Blue Badge administration
  • Rules-based process for application verification and checking
  • Handles any appeals/challenges
  • Integrates seamlessly with Taranto Back-Office for PCN processing
  • Automatic badge authentication using built-in link to DfT database



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