Taranto Environmental Enforcement

Flexible and logical system to manage FPNs and their progression

Taranto Environmental Enforcement


Expanding the capabilities of CEOs whilst enforcing

Handhelds running the Taranto Mobile application allow the issuance of Fixed Penalty Notices (FPNs), in addition to collating any incident specific information (including photographs).

FPNs can be issued for any offence, and Taranto can be configured to contain different enforcement paths for different offences.

An integrated solution

The Taranto Mobile Environmental Enforcement solution uses the same handheld application to issue an FPN as the one that is used for Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) issuance. This demonstrates maximum efficiency by removing the need for Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to carry multiple devices.An FPN can be instantly printed (using the CEO’s portable printer) and issued to a non-compliant vehicle or individual. Any captured data can also be used to create a postal-FPN, a notice that will be sent out at a later date.Data is automatically uploaded and synchronised with the Taranto back office in real-time, and for every FPN issued, each case file will be fully accessible by the council for audit and performance monitoring purposes.

Cost effective Hardware

Since Taranto can run on Android handhelds, it allows councils to introduce FPN issuance on extremely cost-efficient hardware, due to the wider variety of units (both smartphones and tablets) available at affordable prices.

Web Based

The Taranto Environmental Enforcement solution is a web based service that allows access either within the council network or remotely. It is enabled with the functionality to manage and process any issued notice, and provides additional management reporting tools that can enhance business insight throughout the operation.While it can be delivered separately to the parking back-office system, Taranto Environmental Enforcement is part of the main Taranto back office product, and compatible with all of the existing parking suite.

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