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Automating the PCN process for fleet vehicles

Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto Fleet Bureau

In many local authorities, a significant volume of Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) are issued to vehicles that are registered to fleet companies (this can be up to around 15% of PCNs for many of Taranto’s clients).

In the current process, there is a high-level of manual intervention required to obtain the keeper details for a Transfer of Liability, adding to the length of time to send the PCN to the actual contravener.

Taranto Fleet Bureau automates large parts of the fleet vehicle PCN handling process and delivers material operational savings to any council that uses it.

The Solution

Taranto Fleet Bureau saves costs and means PCNs are more likely to be paid quicker

Taranto has spent over two years creating this solution. It has been internally funded with input and advice sought from industry experts. The application has been developed in conjunction with private sector, fleet sector organisations, the British Vehicle and Rental Licencing Association (BVRLA), and several UK local authorities.

Various market-leading hire and lease companies, such as Hertz and ALD Automotive, provide details of their current fleet vehicles to Taranto’s centralised bureau service, which Taranto uses to bypass the lengthy and arduous process previously used. This can reduce a process that previously took 3-4 weeks, to a matter of days, often resulting in the case being paid within a
shorter amount of time.

The concept is truly unique and has been confirmed by the BVRLA as ground-breaking within the fleet and parking sectors, evidenced by organisations willing to assist with its development.

Proven Process

The successful roll-out of the solution has generated incredible results, and clients that use the solution are
seeing huge savings in cost and resource.

One area of benefit for our local authority clients is the rapid decrease in time taken to receive payment for PCNs, either directly by the hire company or from the
hirer after transfer of liability (TOL).

Figures from one client show that hire companies have paid 70% of the tickets issued within 2-4 days of the contravention. The legacy, paper-based process would have only seen 4% of these tickets being paid within the same timeframe.

Once a TOL takes place, the Fleet Bureau also shows a huge reduction in the time taken to make a payment by the hirer. Figures from one client show 74% of TOL cases being paid within 7-9 days by the hirer, compared to the very quickest payments being received on the 16th day within the old solution.

Applied to the Wider Parking Sector

Taranto Fleet Bureau does not attract any implementation fee or additional licence costs. The charge is transactional; so a further advantage to the Council is that there is no capital outlay. The system is market-ready and Taranto has already begun working on the specific integrations required for the further operational set-ups.

The solution is being introduced into numerous local authorities within the Taranto client-base and the amount of fleet companies populating the Taranto-bureau with data is being constantly growing. This is being done through relationships that have been developed over the past two years, but also in conjunction with the BVRLA.

With Fleet Bureau 75% of TOL cases were paid within 10 days
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“The Taranto Fleet initiative has delivered tangible operational benefits to emovis. This innovation has significantly enhanced and streamlined the process for fleet companies, which in turn has helped us deliver material cost savings, and a much improved timeline for the sending of Penalty Charge Notices. This ground-breaking innovation has been instrumental in helping us deal with a longstanding issue (of huge volumes of PCNs going out to fleet companies and dealing with the transfer of that liability to the actual driver of the fleet vehicle). After initially trialling the solution, it quickly became apparent that it would deliver great benefits and we came to the decision very easily to move from trial to roll-out as the benefits to our Mersey Gateway Contract have the potential to be material.”

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