Taranto Online Case Management

Making it easier to pay a PCN anytime, anywhere

Taranto Online Case Management


Taranto, the market-leading and innovative notice processing solution is used by local authorities around the UK to make processing more efficient and economical within the back office. Another area that it brings this philosophy to is customer service, and specifically, the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) payment process.

Taranto Online Case Management (OCM) is specifically designed to assist local authorities in enabling the digitisation of the PCN payment process, benefitting the front of house, back office and customers.

A Simple Customer Journey

The customer doesn’t even need to create an account. To use the website the PCN reference and VRM of the vehicle that made the contravention is needed. When the details are entered, the customer is instantly presented with all of the necessary information, provided in real time from Taranto.

The customer can instantly see the value of the ticket, alongside its stage in the PCN lifecycle. It can also provide even more transparency, with Taranto allowing the customer to see what stage any representations are up to, preventing any follow-up phone-calls and reducing avoidable contact.

In addition to this, the customer can check the location of the contravention on a map and view the images associated with the case. These are vital pieces of information and media within the case, and, quite often, the ability to allow the customer to see these leads to a decrease in appeals.

Proven Process

The successful roll-out of the solution has generated incredible results, and clients that use the solution are
seeing huge savings in cost and resource.

One area of benefit for our local authority clients is the rapid decrease in time taken to receive payment for PCNs, either directly by the hire company or from the
hirer after transfer of liability (TOL).

Figures from one client show that hire companies have paid 70% of the tickets issued within 2-4 days of the contravention. The legacy, paper-based process would have only seen 4% of these tickets being paid within the same timeframe.

Once a TOL takes place, the Fleet Bureau also shows a huge reduction in the time taken to make a payment by the hirer. Figures from one client show 74% of TOL cases being paid within 7-9 days by the hirer, compared to the very quickest payments being received on the 16th day within the old solution.

An End-to-End Solution

If the customer would then like to make a representation against the case, they can do so directly from the website. This can be done via free-form or pro-forma text entry, and again, can be processed at any time. This appeal is then sent directly to the back office, automatically assigned to the most appropriate operative, and accessible via workflow.

Local authorities that use Taranto are leading the way in terms of channel shift. Products like the PCN payment portal, the Permit Portal and Taranto are helping them deliver an improved service.

Key Benefits

“Taranto PCN Payment Portal has been a great addition to our customer service offering that takes the strain away from our front of house staff. We’re at a point now where we’re seeing 57% of all off street PCNs being paid online, and this has been steadily increasing.”

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