Permits Module Benefits

For the Council

  • Digital-first approach, based on Microsoft Azure for:
    • Flexibility
    • Ease of use – at front and back ends
    • Straightforward updates
    • Data security
  • Covers the complete permit life-cycle, from initial application to renewal, including:
    • Suspensions
    • Vehicle changes
    • Temporary vehicles
    • Visitor permits
  • Highly configurable for any type of permit:
    • CPZ
    • Emissions-based permits
    • Safer street zones
  • Configurable according to vehicle type:
    • Petrol
    • Diesel
    • Hybrid
    • EV
  • Real-time pricing integration
  • Encourages online permit self-management to reduce avoidable contact
  • Customisable with council branding for consistency and citizen engagement
  • Improves back-office efficiency and reduces errors through process automation, allowing administrative staff to focus on detail
  • Eliminates paper-based permits and vouchers:
    • Reduces fraud
    • decreases waste
    • Better for the environment
  • Workflow integration for automating back-office workload with minimal management intervention:
    • Saves time
    • Minimises duplication
    • Improves accuracy
  • Front-end links with vehicle look-up services eg DVLA/ UK Vehicle Data
  • Integrates with Taranto Parking Enforcement Solution and Taranto Mobile for end-to-end enforcement and ease of use
  • CEOs in the field can validate parking session on handheld for enforcement

For the End-user

online permit portal in .GOV format

Taranto Parking Permits Portal – the public portal to encourage permit self-management

  • Intuitive and user-centric public portal in the familiar .GOV format
  • Designed in line with WCAG framework for accessibility and usability
  • Compatible with assistive technology for accessibility
  • Accessible from any device, at any time to offer 24/7 use
  • Applications, renewals, updates or amendments to permits carried out in real-time – enabling users to instantly see the status of their permits
  • Easy to use digital visitor permit facility – eliminating message and wasteful scratch cards
  • Virtual permit checking – residents can check whether their vehicle has a valid permit
  • Ability to manage multiple permits per household with one-time evidence upload


Resident permit sign on railings

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