Taranto Street Issue Reporting

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Taranto Street Issue Reporting

screen shot of how to report the location of a street issue

Enables issues on the street to be easily reported for resolution

Broken street lights, potholes, overflowing bins, damaged signs or street furniture defects can be dangerous, unsightly, and if not fixed promptly, expensive to resolve. The Taranto Street Issue Reporting module helps to bring these issues to the attention of the relevant council department to enable them to be fixed quickly. The module is not only for Civil Enforcement Office (CEO) on-street reporting, but our online portal also empowers citizens to report issues to bring them to the council’s attention.

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Easily configurable to a particular council’s requirements, the module enables local authorities to create a simple to use list of potential issues, with a free text description box and location of the issue for easy identification. Whether the problem is litter on the street, pay and display machine out of order, or any street furniture issue, the list can be configured to any requirements and adaptable to different situations, making it flexible for a council’s specific needs.

The customer-facing portal can be branded in line with the council’s brand guidelines for consistency and engagement.

CEOs on the Street

As the eyes and ears of the council, CEOs may notice issues that need to be resolved in the normal course of their duties. The Issue Reporting Module is easily integrated into the Taranto Handheld module for CEOs, enabling them to report the issue. They can use their device to take a photo of the issue and note the location using the map function.

Citizen empowerment

Integration with Taranto Back-Office

The module integrates with the Taranto back-office for reporting and resolution as well as communication with stakeholders and citizens

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