Taranto User Group November 2021

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Keeping Your Community Clean, Clear & Tidy with Taranto Street Management


We know that local authority staff often feel like they don’t have enough time or resources to do everything they wish they could. As a result, street issues such as overflowing bins, abandoned cars and broken lampposts may inevitably fall by the wayside – however, these can cause the most frustration for the public when left unattended.

report an issue screenshot

Taranto’s Street Management module enables councils to implement a new way for Civil Enforcement Officers (CEOs) to report street issues quickly and easily within the enforcement app, and we have even harnessed this technology to enable the public to assist with this process – without it getting lost amongst other council tasks.

For CEOs:

Whilst out in the field CEOs can use their handheld devices to submit street issue reports through Taranto Mobile by entering the location and any relevant information. This is a short process which can be done whilst completing their enforcement duties and eliminates the need for further street patrols.

For the Public:

Taranto now includes the option for a new website portal specifically designed for public use and can be accessed via council websites.

Information and descriptions can be inputted, including the exact location of the issue using the maps and Google Street View features, and images can also be uploaded to provide evidence to help the council to locate and address the issue.

Once a report is submitted by either a member of the public or a CEO, it goes through to the council’s Taranto back-office workflow system which will notify staff of a newly filed report. The details can then be sent to the appropriate person for it to be addressed and not lost in a general inbox or virtual bin. These reports can also be configured to send an email to different departments or stakeholders that don’t have access to Taranto (e.g., allowing an automated email to be sent for a faulty streetlamp, recorded by a CEO through Taranto Mobile, to be sent to lighting@council.gov.uk).

The Benefits

Taranto Street Management benefits local authorities and their communities in the following ways:

  • Staff time saved searching for lost reports
  • Reports dealt with immediately avoiding backlogs
  • Accurate overview of street issues
  • Maintain a higher standard of streets and improved traffic flow
  • Make the public your eyes and ears on streets
  • Encourages proactive approach and builds positive reputation

Tailoring the System to You

The system can be easily modified to include exactly what street issues can be reported – whether it’s faded road signs, broken streetlights, fallen trees, abandoned vehicles, overflowing bins or anything else deemed necessary.

On the public-facing website, user screens are also configured to be consistent with brand identity to give a familiar feel and navigation.

To find out more about Taranto Street Management, sign up to our upcoming User Group, where you can see the system in action!

Date: Wednesday 24th November 2021

Venue: Online

Time: 09:30 – 12:30

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