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Enabling authorities and commercial organisations to fully manage every aspect of their traffic and parking enforcement operations.

Four Reasons

Why Taranto?

We love complexity & scale

Trusted with the UK's most challenging projects.

Driving the Industry

Here since day 1 – and still delivering award-winning innovation.

Delivering for Customers

Collaborative partnering for integrated, best-in-market solutions.

Quality Assured

Big scheme approach and experience applied to EVERY scheme.

Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Future Ready Traffic Management

Taranto traffic enforcement and management solutions are used by many UK Local Authorities and Private Sector clients, offering fully automated end-to-end notice processing in line with statutory legislation requirements. With a full range of modular solutions, we enable our customers to manage every aspect of their traffic and parking operation fully.

We Help our Customers to Overcome Complex Challenges

Our Key Sectors of Operation

Taranto Parking and Enforcement

Parking & Enforcement

Powerful, proven, and innovative enforcement tools.

Clean Air Zones

Underpinning the largest CAZ operations in the U.K.


Award-winning PCN solution for fleet vehicles.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Taranto is designed to meet the requirements of our clients and members of the public; delivering excellent customer service as well as significant efficiencies. 

Taranto has been at the cutting edge of parking enforcement technology for over 20 years – with award-winning innovations like Fleet Bureau, Debt Management Console and Ad-Hoc Activities helping our clients make the most of their resources.


Taranto Back Office

The system offers automated, end-to-end notice processing that underpins every aspect of parking management, all driven by Taranto Workflow - our virtual work tool that removes manual tasks to help you focus on your operations.

Taranto Self-Service

Self-serve portals are designed according to your organisation's guidelines with a consistent brand identity to provide a seamless user journey. Our customer-facing solutions offer 24/7 access, enabling the public to manage their own data while relieving the administrative burden on council staff.
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Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto can automate the lengthy Transfer of Liability process and enable quicker payment for PCNs that aren't transferred by using our central database populated with market-leading Lease and Fleet Company VRMs - delivering savings in time and money.
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Trusted and Experienced

In Numbers

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Taranto is the trusted partner of more than 60 UK authorities

14.5 Million

Our solutions process more than 14.5 million PCNs per year

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We have led the industry for more than 20 years

Meet Some of Our Customers

They Believe In Us

Taranto is used by clients in both the parking and tolling markets, including more than 60 UK central and local government organisations.

Shaping Mobility Together

We have a diverse range of clients and pride ourselves on delivering innovative, award-winning software and an excellent level of customer service.

Here are some of the comments made by our customers.

“The service provided has been exceptional at all levels. Taranto is just as ambitious as Ealing to continually improve functions for our staff and customers.”
Gina Cole
Head of Parking Services, London Borough of Ealing
“The app has everything in one place and CEOs can determine quickly when scanning a vehicle if it is authorised to park, as the app integrates with Taranto Permits and also our cashless parking provider.”
Patricia Wilkinson
Parking & Bus Lane Enforcement, Manchester City Council
“Many processes that once relied on physical notepads can now be undertaken using Taranto Mobile. This has streamlined the council’s processes significantly, offering efficiencies that we could not use prior to installing Taranto.”
Blackpool Council’s Parking Services
Brighton & Hove City Council logo in grey
“I really enjoy using the Taranto system – it’s such an improvement on the previous system. It’s easier to use and encourages staff to deal with PCN challenges in a more thoughtful way and makes our working day a lot more efficient.”
Sue Mallinson
PCN Team Senior Supervisor, Brighton & Hove City Council

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yellow parking ticket. Text: Penalty Charge Notice Enclosed

TEC fee increase – delivering customer value

The recent increase in fees charged by the Traffic Enforcement Centre meant that changes needed to made very quickly. Taranto delivered customer value by advising clients on the implications of the changes – without charging for this advice

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