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Traffic Enforcement Solutions

Future Ready Traffic Management

Taranto traffic enforcement and management solutions are used by many UK Local Authorities and Private Sector clients. Our intelligent and versatile systems offer fully automated end-to-end notice processing in-line with statutory legislation requirements. Our range of solutions includes innovative modules that enable clients to fully manage every aspect of their traffic and parking operations.

Key Products

Taranto is designed to meet the requirements of our clients and members of the public; delivering excellent customer service as well as significant efficiencies. Various aspects of the system will underpin all enforcement requirements.

Taranto Mobile (Hardware)

The Taranto Mobile app is compatible with a wide range of Android devices, meaning our customers have the flexibility to select the most cost-effective solution.

Taranto Back Office

Taranto’s Back Office solution offers fully automated, end-to-end notice processing. Additional modules underpin all aspects of on and off-street parking management, including Taranto Workflow, a virtual task allocation tool.

Taranto Mobile App (Software)

The Taranto Mobile app has been designed to drive both on-street and off-street efficiencies, focusing on increasing the accuracy of recorded information, while also reducing the time civil enforcement officers (CEO) spend performing individual enforcement actions.


Taranto Permits

Taranto Permits eliminates onerous administrative demands and encourages customer self-service. It is highly configurable, offering a wide range of permit types with eligibility criteria and tiered pricing based upon CO2 emissions.

Taranto Self-Serve Websites

Taranto Self-Serve websites are designed to look like the client’s own. Our customer-facing application web pages not only shift the administrative burden onto the public but offer the end-user 24/7 access.

Taranto Blue Badges

Taranto allows for Blue Badge applications to be processed in line with relevant legislation to meet government standards and requirements. This module offers an all-encompassing system for managing this application.

Taranto Fleet Bureau

Taranto digitizes the exchange of any PCN related correspondence and automates the Transfer of Liability process by using a central bureau populated by hire and lease companies, delivering savings in time and money.

Taranto Debt Management

Taranto’s Debt Management Console indicates the probable outcomes for debt recovery based on a vehicle’s history. If recovering the debt looks unlikely the debt is cancelled prior to registering it.

Taranto Track

Taranto Track helps our clients manage their operations efficiently and effectively by providing monitoring, analysis and tracking of on-street activity. This is presented geographically on Google Maps, allowing detailed historic and real-time analysis.

Taranto Reports

Taranto offers an array of standard reports. In addition, our ‘Query Builder’ module has been designed to enable our customers to create their own reports to reflect specific operational and analytical requirements.

Our Team

Taranto Systems has more than 50 employees across the UK, working in a personable and collaborative way with our clients, who also benefit from the security and resources that comes with being part of a global parent company.

We have supported the enforcement market for over 15 years and are an authorised DVLA Bureau. With award-winning services, we have become a market leader in the provision of parking processing systems, congestion charging, road tolling, and low emission zone enforcement systems and services.

We are members of the British Parking Association (BPA) and the International Parking Community (IPC); these memberships enable us to stay up to date with all parking news and sector market trends.


Responsible for the maintenance, enhancement, and innovation of the parking enforcement system Taranto.


Significant experience in the parking sector and ensure everyone is kept up to date with the latest software and industry news.


Experienced project managers that have either PRINCE2 or APM certifications and are responsible for managing every aspect of a Taranto implementation. 

Service Delivery

Provides highly effective technical support and first-class customer service through our UK-based service desk which is available by phone. 

What our Customers say

We have a diverse range of clients in this sector and pride ourselves on delivering both innovative award-winning software and an excellent level of customer service.

Here are some of the comments made by our customers.

“The service provided has been exceptional at all levels. Taranto is just as ambitious as Ealing to continually improve functions for our staff and customers.”

Gina Cole

Head of Parking Services, London Borough of Ealing

“Many processes that once relied on physical notepads can now be undertaken using Taranto Mobile. This has streamlined the council’s processes significantly, offering efficiencies that we could not use prior to installing Taranto.”

Blackpool Council’s Parking Services

“The app has everything in one place and CEOs can determine quickly when scanning a vehicle if it is authorised to park, as the app integrates with Taranto Permits and also our cashless parking provider.”

Patricia Wilkinson

Parking & Bus Lane Enforcement, Manchester City Council

“When it came to arranging the logistics of installation, everything had to be done online or over the phone due to the Covid-19 restrictions. It was more challenging than it would have been before Covid-19, but everyone worked extra hard to get over these obstacles and get the system up and running. I am so pleased how this project has turned out, and the working relationship formed has been great. We are very happy using Taranto’s back office systems”.

Terry Renouf

Assistant Manager for Parking Control, States of Jersey

“Delivering these sorts of projects is never easy and it’s the working relationship that ultimately ensures success. From my perspective it’s always the response of the supplier that’s important. Some will disappear on you, and not help you fix problems. Taranto has been there the whole time and made sure there were fixes for any issues we had. That’s the important bit for me.”

Lewis Boudville

Parking Services Manager, East Suffolk Council

Tailored and Flexible Training

Training doesn’t finish at go-live: refresher training is provided where required, and our team can also provide ad-hoc training to meet your needs.  With years of experience, our dedicated training team works with customers to ensure a smooth transition to Taranto.

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