Taranto Self-Service

Web Portals that enable the public to manage their own data

Taranto Online Permit Management


Taranto Permits helps local authorities around the UK provide permits to the public with unparalleled flexibility and autonomy. Taranto Permits combines Taranto’s two decades of parking-sector expertise with an easy to use, self-serve web portal, to allow users to apply,
buy and maintain permits 24/7.

Taranto Permits offers unprecedented flexibility – allowing local authorities to set up unlimited permits types themselves, and even allowing them to make website wording changes.

Taranto Blue Badge


Taranto has designed and developed an end-to-end Blue Badge application and management module within Taranto. The fully integrated system drives efficiencies across both the application process and back office management of Blue Badges. It is linked to the Department of Transport (DfT) and has an automatic inbuilt ‘fraud checker’ to help local authorities reduce Blue Badge misuse.

The government estimates Blue Badge fraud is costing the UK an estimated £46m a year – Taranto’s innovative fraud check will help reduce misuse.

Taranto Online Case Management


Taranto, the market-leading and innovative notice processing solution is used by local authorities around the UK to make processing more efficient and economical within the back office. Another area that it brings this philosophy to is customer service, and specifically, the Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) payment process.

Taranto Online Case Management (OCM) is specifically designed to assist local authorities in enabling the digitisation of the PCN payment process, benefitting the front of house, back office and customers.

“We’re at a point now where we’re seeing 57% of all off street PCNs being paid online, and this has been steadily increasing”.

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