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Case Study

Taranto Systems, States of Jersey and Scheidt & Bachmann

Taranto took the challenge to modernise States of Jersey’s car park schemes, introducing Contactless payments to make the site Covid-19-secure, while improving the customer experience with new pay and display machines.


Get Ready for Moving Traffic Legislation: 4 Steps to Prepare

The upcoming Moving Traffic legislation, which is set to come into play later this year, will grant UK councils the power to issue PCNs for moving traffic violations. Here are a number of simple steps you can undertake right now to ensure you are ready for these changes.

Online Permit Management

Taranto Systems Online Permit Management

Taranto Permits offers unprecedented flexibility – allowing local authorities to set up unlimited permits types themselves; and even allowing them to make website wording changes.


Taranto Systems Blue Badge Solution

The government estimates Blue Badge fraud is costing the UK an estimated £46m a year – Taranto’s innovative fraud check will help reduce misuse.


Taranto Systems Fleet Bureau

Taranto has spent over two years creating this solution. It has been internally funded with input and advice sought from industry experts.

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